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Express mode in a multicooker

Every year the pace of life in a big city accelerates exponentially, more and more trouble falls on the heads of modern inhabitants, there is less and less time for everyday worries.

Especially for people who want to keep up with the times, not lagging even for a minute, an express mode was developed in a slow cooker, which will help save precious minutes of a full life, reducing the time spent on daily cooking.

The principle of operation of the express mode

The express mode in the multicooker is characterized by the fact that it does not stand on ceremony with the prepared products by languishing and holding at low temperatures, but brings the optimal amount of heat to them, doing everything possible to speed up the process of their preparation.

This mode cannot replace strict cooking modes with ideal temperature ranges for each specific dish, but in saving time it is unrivaled.

When is express mode needed?

Due to the increase in the number of daily tasks necessary in order to stay in the stream of life and not fly into the fringes of futility, we often need to save every minute.

Waking up in the morning, I want to freshen up as quickly as possible, cook breakfast for myself and plunge headlong into working days.
To speed up the receipt of such a necessary meal as breakfast, the express mode will perfectly help us.
In this mode, the multicooker will cook you a wonderful omelet in a matter of minutes, which will practically not take your time.

The versatility of using the express mode

If the express mode saves our time so profitably, then why not choose it as the “mode of the year” and not discard other modes, such as buckwheat, pasta and other long-running programs?
The answer to the question is very simple and lies in the basic rule of saving time: by spending less time, we always subject to a decrease in quality.

Porridges in express mode are not as crumbly and appetizing as in buckwheat mode, and similar metamorphoses occur with other dishes.
The rule always works and only you have the answer to the question “perfectly or quickly?”.

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